Thursday, January 14, 2010

Progress Update

Time for an update on the two projects I've got going on the needles.

First is the Woven Cables sweater for Troy. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I found a second error back in November. (You can read about the first one here.)

This time, the shaping was good but I messed up the pattern. The stitches in the red box should have been in reverse stocking stitch to match the stitches in the black box.
A little thing, perhaps. I debated with myself for a while whether it was worth fixing. But ultimately decided I had better because 1) I predicted it would always bother me, and 2) it was located at a crucial part of the sweater (right in front, part of the "framing" of the face) where the V-neck divided and asymmetry would be obvious.

So then, how to do it? I first tried the scalpel method of only raveling the stitches that were wrong. It was going to be hard because they were at the end of the row and involved decreases, but it was worth a shot.

It didn't work. In only the second or third row down, the yarn twisted around itself in such a way that I could not get it to ravel any further. I never did quite figure it out; it wasn't worth the time to continue trying.

I just got out the proverbial hatchet and ripped out the 8-10 rows to get below the bad patch.
That left me with a lot of wool to reknit. But I got it knit up by the next day and have been making very good progress since. I am getting motivated!

Here is the fixed neckline:
I know, subtle difference, right? But still definitely worth fixing to me.

Things have been moving along so smoothly that I am now up to the shoulder shaping. Before going any further, I had Troy try it on last night to be sure of the fit:
Seems to be good. (And don't forget, there will be added length to the bottom and sleeves.)

It seems to fit right. The neckline seems to start at the right place. And I haven't noticed a "backward" cable yet. Things are good!

The other project that was rather neglected for holiday projects are my Outside In socks. I finished the first sock on January 5. (Notice that is well after any holiday deadlines.)
The finished sock is still inside out--remember, I said
I wouldn't show it correctly until they were all done!

I cast on the second and am making slow progress. (I really am getting absorbed by the Woven Cables sweater.)

It's nice to be over all the holiday projects and be able to simplify down to two projects. One good for travel and the other good for sitting in front of the fire. Nice.

PS: I ordered the wool for the Whistler Olympic sweater. You knew I couldn't resist doing it during the Olympics, right? I've joined Team Michigan in the Ravelympics and can't wait to cast on!

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