Friday, January 29, 2010

A Lovely Gift

My mother came for a visit bearing our Christmas gifts (since we didn't go home to Ontario this year).

One of the lovely things in my bag was a bundle of yarn she had picked up at a monthly "women's" meeting.

It's a local organization that meets once a month and features local woman doing whatever they do. In January they featured Cindy Osland of Osland Sheep Farm (north of Port Hope, Ontario).

Cindy started small and has built up the farm (with her husband) so they now offer lamb meat, fleece, yarn, knitted items, quilt batts, finger roving, and breeding stock. What my mother picked up for me was 100 grams of lovely wool, a two-ply of "thick and thin."
(This picture is not even close to the real colour. I tried a lot of settings, but could not get it. Picture the variation of colour in this picture, but in more of a plum. Really, plum. Gorgeous plum.

I couldn't wait to try it out, so I didn't even roll it into a ball--I just started knitting from the skein! I had in mind a cowl or a scarf if it got long enough. After a nice big "swatch" I decided the scarf/cowl idea wasn't working.

I undid it all and now am going to try a purse. I have some nice wooden handles I've been dying to use and this might be just the ticket. I'll let you know.

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