Saturday, December 26, 2009

One More Remembrance Necklace

I've added one more to the set of remembrance necklaces I made with beads from my dad's hematite necklace. (Details of the others and the story behind the beads here.)

You see, Dad had a niece named after him: Henriette. And although all his nieces were special to him, he indulged himself to spoil her a little more than the others. (He figured that was his job as her namesake!) It didn't hurt that her birthday (today) was only 6 days after his own. He always made sure to visit or at least send a gift if he couldn't see her.

I don't remember if one of my sisters suggested it, or if I thought of it on my own but I thought giving her a necklace along the lines of the ones I made for my sisters would be very nice. She's having a "big" birthday this year too, turning 20.

I'm not quite as familiar with what colours Henriette wears so I went with some pretty neutral beads. Strung some nice chunky ones up front using black tube beads to form the pendant hanger. And then lots of soft tumbled rocks for the back half:
I finished it off with a nice easy toggle clasp.

I hope she likes it!

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