Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Wreath

How can this wreath be anything but merry? Just a little project I put together this year.

If you want your own, take a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle shape. Take a few packages of Christmas balls (I used five*) and attach them to the hanger. I took the top off the ball, looped the wire around the hanger and then put the ball back together. A little fiddly but very simple.
Project Stats
Total time: about 1 hour
Materials: about 50 Christmas balls (under $10) and a wire coat hanger

Gravity pulls the balls to the bottom so it's not exactly symmetric, but if you want yours to be perfect you may be able to fiddle with it. I let my balls fall where they may, so to speak. Or you could do what my mother-in-law suggests and just add a bow to the top. Voila!

And if you every grow tired of your super-shiny Christmas wreath, you can just remove the balls and reuse them for some other project.

Hope you're enjoying your day...I have a few hours of knitting in front of me!

*I started with two packages of a dozen balls I had got on clearance last year. When that wasn't enough I went out and bought three new packages. (Yes, I paid full price--$2.50--on Christmas eve because I couldn't wait!) The new packages cleverly put the balls in diagonal rows (instead of a 4x3 grid) so you wouldn't notice that the packages now hold 10 balls instead of 12!

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