Monday, September 7, 2009

My Labour Day Labours

Having been offered a great bacon cheeseburger in exchange for creative labour, I made my way to Red Purl this afternoon to help Amy to re-vamp her display window for the new season.

She found a great project online that we imitated quite nicely. Amy worked all week to crochet a long long chain and we tied it in her window to make a web. First was the frame for the web,
anchored to various hooks, poles, and a log Amy dragged home from a walk this week:
We had to make sure to leave a spot for Purl (her dog) to jump into the window well. She likes to keep an eye on the street.
After the frame was adjusted, pulled taut and knotted down, it was time to fill it in.
I ended up doing it twice, the first time the spiral was too spread out. Fortunately I had only looped the intersections and was able to readjust everything without completely undoing it.

The original idea had a big spider and all sorts of little goblins and misshapen creatures but we didn't quite have time to get that done for this weekend. So I suggested cutting out leaves from fulled sweaters for a start.

Amy took the idea one further and couched some sequined yarn on leaves to spell out Red Purl.
It turned out brilliantly.
And once that was in place, we started tying on some more leaves,
and Amy added a couple of the gnomes she's been knitting over the summer. Sorry, gnomes, gotcha watch out for those spiders.
The final victim added to the web was a hapless little kittie:
More will be added throughout the season as the spirit moves.

For today, it was a fun project and a good start.

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