Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finishing up September's Block

I was able to finish my September block on Monday night. And the border was finished yesterday over lunch.

In all, the knitting itself went very smoothly. I did run into a couple weak spots in the wool while knitting in the shop Sunday afternoon.

I only noticed the first spot after I had knit it and came back it on the next row. I decided to run an extra strand along those a duplicate stitch done while the stitches were still on the needle. It should work to reinforce the area, but it did make that cable rather thick.

On the next row there was a spot so weak that the wool actually pulled apart. Very irksome. I just treated it like a join and knit with two ends for five stitches. Later I realized I should have performed a spit wet join, but I think I was too distracted by all the chatter to think of it. (That's what I used to join a new ball that evening.) Oh well. The little ends that are left will felt into the fabric with use.

Another month down; only three more to go!

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