Saturday, September 17, 2016

Block 37: Corn and Tomatoes

This week's block is called Corn and Tomatoes. I can't really imagine why but it did dictate a yellow and red colour scheme.

Then again, looking at it while squinting your eyes, I guess the longer yellow pieces could represent a corn cob and the smaller red triangles, though not very round, could sort of be tomatoes. I guess...?

That part of the block with the red, yellow and white is a trick with the angled seams. The designer chose to do it with "flippy corners". It's a good way to sew the bias seams and not to have to cut out triangle and diamond pieces.

You start with a yellow rectangle the size of the finished unit. Layer a white square on one side and sew from corner to corner:
Cut off the excess on the left, leaving the 1/4" seam. Then fold (or flip) the white triangle that's left so it completes the rectangle shape.
Then you do the same thing on the other side with a red square. Sew from corner to corner on the red square parallel to the previous seam.
Cut off the excess leaving a seam allowance and flip the red triangle over.
Give it a press and you easily have this complicated looking piece.

Here are all of the blocks done so far in a virtual layout:
Here is Kim's block:
Can you see that her "corn" pieces are made with corn kernal fabric? That girl doesn't mis a trick!

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