Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TAB: Tendinitis Avoidance Break

So I was right about Tuesday: only seven rows done (about an inch). I have to give a shout out to my coach, David, who shouted, "KNIT KNIT KNIT" in my face right when I needed it. Otherwise that total would have been even lower. And another shout out to my trainer, Wendy, who provided me with chocolate right when I needed it.

Today I've had a lot more time to make some real progress.
Between Tuesday and today, I've gotten 3.25 inches done and that gives me 9.5 inches from the foldline. Two and a half more to go before the colourwork starts. Can I get that done tonight? We'll see.

I also finished another ball of the main colour. I'm averaging one every two days. With 12 balls of MC, this would get me done in 24 days. Not fast enough! (Seriously, I'm not really pressuring myself to finish this in the 17 days of the Olympics.)

If the wrists can keep it up this evening, there's a good chance I'll knit for more hours today than NBC's Olympics coverage (not counting the 3am replay). I talked to my mom in Canada this morning. I was jealous when she said she can catch coverage any time she turns on the TV; there's always something running.

Ok, I think my wrists, hands and elbows have had enough of a break. Time to get back to my miles and miles of dark grey stocking stitch...
If I keep at it, it has to end sometime!

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