Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Should be Knitting...

but I wanted to let you know how the Olympics are going.My knitting Olympics, that is.

I had a wonderful time at Heidi’s watching the opening ceremonies with other knitters as we cast on new projects or worked on WIPs. It was a lovely surprise to find out Heidi’s husband grew up in Quebec and we shared all the familiar Canadian references, inside jokes, and made fun of the bad French accents.

I got a good piece done while being wowed by the projection effects of the ceremonies. (They had me at the whales swimming through the stadium.) I was a little worried about casting on and figuring out all those starting issues while talking with people and watching TV, but it went well. In fact, maybe I should do it more often. (I had to cast on 222 stitches. I don’t count as I go when the total’s that high, but when I stopped to count them, I had 227. Amazing!)

Yellow line indicates fold line
Ribbing is between orange lines
While there, I got all the ribbing done. Nice to have that behind me. The sweater starts with a hem that gets folded under and I tried not to let it bother me that all the knitting I had gotten done wouldn't even be seen in the final project.

The next day I got even more done, getting past the hem fold line and then getting to the “exciting” colourwork. This brought me to the end of my first ball of grey yarn! That seems awful soon and I am a little worried about running out now. On the other hand, if I can knit a ball every 24 hours, I should have no trouble finishing this during the Olympics!

I also gave myself a little panic attack about the size, worrying that it was much too small for the cut and style of the sweater. I took another look today, tried it on, and decided it’s ok. Carry on, carry on!

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