Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Proud of My Students!

We had the second slipper class tonight. My dedicated students had all finished the knitting on at least one slipper (if not two) so we could discuss seaming them up.
This is the slipper that goes from a flat shape (white/brown variegated above) to a slipper shape just with a seam.

It's not the most intuitive and you have to do it on faith the first few times. I got all the students through the first slipper and some thought they could try the second one on their own. If they really get stuck, I told them I'd be there tomorrow night again for Red Purl's 2nd anniversary party. (I'm never one to miss a party!)

It was a fun night with lots of talking and laughing. A bunch of us found a mutual interest in quilting and I got the name of some not-quite-local shops that they assured me are worth checking out. All the students did a great job on their slippers and it looks like the all came out to the right size. (Most of them were gifts and as such could not be tried on tonight.)

I did have one student sign up late and then she couldn't come tonight either. So I will still have to talk her through it. Sounds like an excuse to head to Red Purl more often...ok, I can deal with that!

One surprise at the store:
Mary Ann made a spider for the web! It is perfect.

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