Sunday, September 2, 2018

AQS Quilt Week - Grand Rapids

I've been gone; we had a wonderful trip to Iceland. When I get my pictures put together, I'll have a few maker-y things to share.

And the Saturday after we got home, I dashed up to Grand Rapids to see all the quilts at the AQS show. I knew I wasn't likely to have the energy or head space to take a class so I didn't sign up for any, but admiring quilts was well within my capacity. :)

Top of the list was this quilt by one of the hosts of the online quilt show "The Stitch TV" that I follow:
Feeling Clammy at the Irish Disco by Pamela Cobb
She wasn't able to go to GR to see her quilt hanging so followers of the show who could sent or posted selfies with the quilt.

Following are some of the ribbon winners. All of these would be worth a click to see a larger version and even zooming in.
Garden Variety Sampler by Janet Stone
For Such a Time as This by Kathy Wylie
Champagne SuperNova by Marilyn Badger
Kirara's Garden Party by Ayako Kawakammi
The details all over this quilt are unbelievable.
These are just a few of the ribbon-work flowers.
Song of Summer by Bethanne Nemesh
Uptown Rail Fence by Maria Shell
Vertigo by Elaine Wick Poplin
 Note the rings are closed circles - they are not spirals.
Colourful Dream by Lisa Belanger
Hwasung Fortress: Suwon Hwasung Version 2 by Mikyung Jang
This is a whole cloth quilt where the design is made completely with machine stitching.
The work definitely merits two close ups! It's amazing.
There were several exhibits from challenges. The first is the annual "New Quilts from an Old Favorite" put on by the National Quilt Museum. This year it was the Bow Tie block.
Putting' on the Ritz by Leslie Johnson
Silk Ties by Margaret Fetterhoff
Black Tie and Tails by Karen Grover
 I thought a second picture may be worth it to help pick out the bow tie blocks:
The Perfect Nanny by Cathy Geier
This is a detail of Maze Garden by Li-Hsiang Chen
Alice in Wonderland characters in a bowtie maze.
Papillon by Julie Wells
Abstract on Black Tie by Sandi Snow
Negotiating the Price of an Apple by Tere D'Amato
And here are some selections from the Patchers at the LakeShore (Muskegon, MI) guild challenge: "What's Your Modern?"
Triple Twilight Zone by Suzette Mattson
I've Got the Blues by Cheryl Berggren
Triad Woven by karen Durgan
Tribute to Piet Mondrian Composition C (1935)
by Sandra Engle
Rippled by Jami Harwood
Stormy Sky by Carla Zahl Jolman
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
by Joy Lamphere
Lunar by Darla Parks
I have so many more pictures! I'll put up a second post later. I saw everything in about three hours and that was rushed enough; I'll give you a little time to take these in. :)

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