Sunday, September 30, 2018

Lucy Boston Update

Since the end of June, I have finished 13 more Patchwork of the Crosses blocks. Here's a quick tour:

Black and white roosters:
It took me a while to find fabrics to go with these rooster heads. The red square pattern almost makes the heads secondary, but I still like them.

Purple dragonflies with bright orange:
I love this dragonfly batik fabric. It was surprising to find two fabrics that combined orange with purple(/pink) so I put them together. The designs don't really blend as one is circles and the other is all lines and edges, but the colours make them work, I think. The inner purple square or ring was a happy accident.

More purple and orange:
I found the orange dots on purple batik and knew I had to have it. I cut the various sized dots very carefully and was able to get this 3D effect. I thought the orange rings on purple batik would match it nicely.

Oh, the sleeping sun bathers:
I love this print! I pattern matched the sunbathers on the outside ring even though the background colours on these pieces don't add up to an overall pattern. They were too cute not to use. The strong red square design helps to control the look of the block.

All these bright greens:
I knew the peacock feathers worked great in any position and I was glad to find a way to use these other fabrics with complimentary colours.

The centre and middle of this block was one of the first I designed:
It took me a while to find fabric to use on the outside. I had the red and white stripe the whole time, but I guess I needed to try a bunch of other options before accepting that it was the best choice. The outgoing stripes make me think of ribbons on badges or old fashioned political buttons.

"Elephant Feathers":
I've had these feathers on the outside corners cut since my first session, just waiting for fabric to go with them. The gold on the centre pieces isn't perfect but I like the burgundy with the colour of the feathers.

I was amused to see not only this same fabric, but the feathers cut and arranged the exact same way on another person's PotC block on IG.

Another green and orange-y block:
Who would have thought I'd have this colour combination on one block, let alone more! I love these cutey owls and the flowers that match so well. I also enjoy the illusion of a square in the middle.

More peacock feathers!
I love this block - so many things going on. Besides the white cross in the centre, the rest of the block is so blendy from one piece to the next. I used the two outside fabrics together on another block with different cuts. (I really like that block too.)

I had the centre of this block together for a long time before I found fabrics to go with it:
I saw the other three fabrics in separate fabric stores and knew they would work. Quarter yard cuts for the win.

Oh, this blue block makes me so happy:
This is another case where the colours in the fabrics seemed to go so well, I knew I could make a pattern that would work. The four pieces with the gold quarter circles were the last piece of the puzzle. (That is a very useful fabric for these blocks; I've seen it used a lot in other peoples' blocks on IG.)

One of the few X blocks:
It's not my most favourite, but I love the little bunnies (they are so cute) and how the moon phase pieces worked in this design.

I wanted one more spiral design for balance:
I need to have a few more soft blocks I think, and I love these gentle looking leaves.

Here are all the blocks I've finished so far (clicking on the picture should give you a larger view):
This is the layout I'm thinking about - arranged from most traditional Patchwork of the Cross layout to least (from top to bottom). I tried some variations based on colour, but it wasn't working.

The blank squares represent five blocks I have designed but not sewn, plus I need to design nine more blocks. That will give me 56 blocks for a 7 by 8 layout. I'm still planning to sash with grey, but I haven't made any decision about the focus fabric in the sashing.

I haven't been doing as much sewing on this project. I can't do it while travelling (which I've done some of in the last month) and I can't watch TV while I'm sewing them. That is a definite drawback during football season. But don't worry - I haven't lost my enthusiasm for the project.

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