Monday, January 25, 2016

Block 5: Pinwheels

Kim and I are still a little ahead of schedule on our blocks, but why keep you waiting to see the next one?

This week's block was a pinwheel, or I should say four of them. The pieces get pretty tiny with four pinwheels in a six-inch block!

I couldn't stitch this one by hand because part of the process included sewing some squares together and then cutting them in pieces. Machine sewing can stand up to that, but hand sewing can not!

I pulled the machine out to the living room and stitched it together in pretty short order.

I took special care in how I ironed the seams and arranged the intersections so that they pinwheel and lie flat:
I love doing that.

Here is the front:
Look at all those dots! Aren't they so cute. When I bought all that new fabric in Missouri earlier this month, I really wanted to use them on the pinwheel block and was a little sad that I had already prepared the pieces for this block. But then when I pulled them out, I was delighted with the choices. So no need to redo (or do two pinwheels, which was my other thought).

Here is the mock layout with all of the blocks so far:
And here is Kim's lovely block:
I really like her bright colours!

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