Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Block 2: Out to Pasture

Look who beat the deadline! (Such as there is a deadline.) My sister and I decided to make Sundays the "end of the week" for these blocks and I am way ahead of the curve on this one.

I got home from a meeting on Monday and had an hour before bedtime. I decided that rather than fold laundry or iron clothing for an hour, I would see how far I could get on the next block.

I didn't feel like hauling out the sewing machine (or sitting in a room that doesn't have a woodstove) so I pulled out a needle and thread and hand stitched the block. I haven't done a lot of hand stitching but after working on the repairs of my Kentucky quilt, I decided it was certainly do-able. So that's what I did.

(This was also a trial run for doing sewing while riding in a car and I think it might work!)

1.25 hours later, I had a finished block. (So yes, I was a little late for bed! What else is new.)

I filled my Out to Pasture block with frolicking sheepies, little doggies, and the cutest little piggies. And flowers, of course.

Here is a picture of the back showing the nicely pressed seams. (But naturally I think every pressed seam is nice!)
If we get in a little closer, I think you can see the stitching.
I had to do some trimming after finishing the centre nine-patch and after the border was applied to make it the right size, but nothing too drastic. I'm starting to think that careful monitoring and adjustment while I'm making the block is as important as absolutely perfect cutting and stitching. And for me, probably more important. I sew in the real world. There is no perfect!

Here are the first two blocks in an imaginary setting:

Kim's block:

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