Saturday, January 16, 2016

Block 4: Sunflower

I was on vacation for most of this week and since I got my maple leaf block done on Sunday, I went ahead and started next week's block when I had the time. Not having my machine, I pulled out my needle and thread and sewed it by hand.

There's not much to write about (which is good--no drama or too much excitement!) but I can show you the block before it is completely assembled so you can see the composite parts.
The corner pieces took the most work as I had to sewing four pieces around the centre square to make the square-in-a-square block.

When it was done, I had a pretty sunflower:
It's a little under 6.5"; pretty close but a couple of edges are a little uneven and short. I'll be trying to fix this up when I apply the sashing. (You know--later!)

Here are the blocks done so far in a mock layout:
I was pleasantly surprised by a Skype call from my sister this morning and she was done her sunflower block early too!! So far we are very much on the same schedule. Here is a picture of hers; she did it in the 12" size:
Very pretty!

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