Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mesa Update: Undoing, Ends, and Blocking

In the last week, I have undone the neckline folded picot hem:
I ran out of blue and finished the hem with white. It was
on the inside so not visible anyway, and meant the
Kitchener stitching matched the original stitching and
was less likely to show through.
 That was a lot of Kitchener to undo. Phew!

I ripped out the knitting to just below where I originally added the holes for the picot edge, picked up the stitches, and did a bind off row in the blue. Not too tight, but not too loose either so the edge had some structure. The yoke and shoulders of this sweater were going to need all the help they could get.

Then it was time to deal with the ends.
There were a lot of those in a tight space up on the one shoulder. The pattern called for the same yarn to be used where I added all the different colours, so I only have myself to blame for this. But a little careful work and all of those were taken care of.

Then time for a bath and block. I soaked the sweater overnight because I didn't have time in the same evening to soak it and block it. I was surprised to learn recently that alpaca (or was it cashmere?) needs to soak overnight to get fully saturated. Important for dyeing and blocking. Anyway, I figured overnight wouldn't hurt this wool any either.
I then laid it out with blocking wires. I had debated with myself about whether to block it "straight" or follow the lines of the knitting. (Compare the shape above to this picture:
Big difference, right?)

Obviously I went with blocking it "straight." I had to pull the right shoulder pretty firmly but not too bad. I later realized I could have pulled the left side seam down to make the bottom hem straighter and will probably try that next time I block it. I think a sloping hem works with this sweater, so I don't really mind.

I tried it on when it was dry and it feels wonderful. No longer feels awkward or twisted on me. And I think it looks fabulous. I am so happy with it. Pictures of the finished piece on me will come when I get a chance...

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