Monday, May 12, 2014

Brioche Cowl - AIDS Walk Prize

Not too long after the Walk, I finished up the cowl I was working on to give as a prize. I would have gladly knit on it until the yarn ran out because it is so wonderful to work with, but at some point you have to stop. (So they tell me.)

Before blocking, it measured 11" long and was 15" wide at the cast on edge and 12.5" at the cast off edge. I blocked it to 16" long and 13.5" wide. The cast on edge still was wider than the cast off, but I kind of like that the one edge is tighter than the other. I find it gives you different options for arranging the cowl around your neck.
Doubled with the tight edge rolled over
to the outside.
Doubled with the tight edge rolled over
 to the inside.
Not doubled, with the loose side pulled
over your head first.
Ok, when it's cold enough, it can double
as a snood. I know, even that word
makes it unfashionable. But I like
to be warm, and if this is what it will
take, I will do it.
And, I realized as I was trying it on,
it is big enough to be pulled down as a
sort of capelet. For those who can pull
off this look.
The loose edge on this one was a little too loose for my taste and next time I think I'll do the provisional cast on, start the brioche right away, and then come back later to do the ribbing rows and cast off. That way both edges will be neater.

Project Stats
: 5 Apr '14
Finished: 6 May '14
Pattern: My own
Materials: 100 grams of cobweb weight cashmere from an Old Navy sweater ($3.50)
I had the idea of a big bulky cowl out of this cashmere and was surprised not to see any patterns that fit the bill on Ravelry. So I had to make one up.

I chose brioche stitch because it is very thick and cushy, and done on big enough needles it is still light and airy.

It was a gamble on how many stitches to do. (I think I did actually do a small gauge swatch before I started.) It turned out about what I wanted--bigger than a neck-hugger and smaller than a long double-wrap loop. It won't fit easily inside the neck of a coat (which is how I tend to wear cowls and scarves), but it's a big bulky cowl--it's not supposed to. It's got enough size and bulk to be worn outside a coat and make a statement.

I was able to deliver the cowl to the drawing winner on Sunday. Congratulations, again, Clair! And good luck to the rest of you next year!! :)

Pattern Notes:
I used four strands of cobweb (or lace) weight cashmere (100 grams) and size 3.75 mm (US 5) needles.

Cast on 110 sts. [I can’t remember the name for it, but I did a provisional cast on over a waste yarn, and then K1, P1 the first round. Later I just extracted the waste yarn.]
1x1 rib for a total of 4 rounds.
Start brioche stitch in the round til it is long enough (11" pre-blocking in my case.)
Then 1x1 rib for 4 rounds.
Cast off with Kitchener bind off [or your favourite stretchy bind off].

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