Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do We Know What We're Getting Ourselves Into?

About two months ago, I saw a link on Vogue Knitting's Facebook page to this article about a Cabbage Patch Doll hat. It's a hat that looks like CPD hair. (It's worth a click to the link; the kid is stinking cute.) I shared it on Facebook and wondered in writing where the nearest chubby-cheeked baby was.

I was reminded that my two great-nieces would be perfect candidates and before I knew it, my sister and I had committed to making hats for them. My sister got hers done well before me. Seeing her pics on Facebook put me in the frame of mind to finish mine.

It didn't take long. It starts at the top with a tight circle
and increases out until you have the right diameter. Then you work even until it's long enough. Then add a few rows of loopy stitches in the front and you are done.
Oh, wait. Not quite done because you have to add the pony-tails!
I decided to tie mine twice.
In two evenings I had a pretty cute hat! By the time I was done, my sister had already delivered hers:
She looks pretty stinking adorable, doesn't she!!

Of course, when I finished mine, I couldn't resist trying it on. Since I don't mind looking silly, I'll show you:
Little did I know that this was prescient on my part...

When my niece posted pictures of her daughter on Facebook, it started an extended comment conversation between me and three of my sisters. By the end of it, my sister and I had agreed to make hats for all of us to wear when they come to visit this fall and we head to the Haunted House for an evening.

The really funny part is that the fifth sister has no idea. (The price to be paid for not having internet at home.) But she will find out soon when we hand her a hat-wig and tell her to wear it!!

Rest assured, pictures will be taken and shared....

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