Friday, August 2, 2013

County Fair 2013: Quilt Parade

I've had readers comment that they love the display of quilts from our county fair, so I'll show them again here. Lots of great stuff again this year.

I'll just show them in order of how they appeared.

A massive king-sized quilt with mostly applique blocks:
A highly decorated quilt with couching, embroidery, and sparkling sequins or beads:
Mixed pieced and applique:
Another mixed quilt:
I think it's so brave to be able to piece a quilt and then applique over it. I would get stuck with the piecing thinking I liked it and didn't want to risk "ruining" it. But I suspect this quilt was made from a pattern so that is a kind of safety know what it's going to look like at the end.

A fun little farm quilt with lots of applique:
The Grand Champion quilt:
I was so pleased to see a pieced quilt win! The center of the stars are 25-patch blocks and the same sized squares are used in the sashing around all the blocks. Amazing.
 I love the "twirly" border on this one:
 I'm often tempted by a string quilt such as the left one below:
I'd probably have to organize the colours more so the blocks had a light half and dark half. Then you can arrange them in all the traditional log cabin settings. (I love them all!)

A cute little quilt, if you think little girls in their underwear is cute:
This was a great quilt:
The colours are unusual and sort of "old fashioned" (but in the good way). I didn't notice until a second look that all the star pieces were fussy cut so that they all look like kaleidoscopes. It's fantastic.

A bright cheery flower quilt:
 It was full of detailed custom quilting and special embroidery stitches:
 A purple Sunbonnet Sue inspired quilt:
One of only two quilts done in batiks (up from one last year):
I like this pattern, although I'm not sure I'll ever make it. It reminds me of ripples on a pond.

Here is the other batik quilt:
It reminded me of this great quilt in progress on the fabulous quilting blog Exuberant Color.

This bright cheery scrap quilt had an unusual construction:
I never did figure out exactly how it was put together, but it kind of looked like it was pieced with raw edges together and then hand quilted:
And that's the end!

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