Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ravellenic Project Progress

Friday, Jul 27, 6:38 pm
A toe. My third one since the first two were the wrong size. What do you mean, "Did I swatch?" A sock is a swatch!
Friday, Jul 27, 9:00 pm
Making some progress on the foot and new stripey lace pattern.
Saturday, Jul 28, 9:39 pm
I've turned the heel!
Sunday, Jul 29, 1:19 pm
Making progress up the leg. For the first time in a long time, I've done the heel as directed in the pattern. Instead of a short row heel, it's a traditional "flap" style.
Sunday, Jul 29, 2:01 pm
Like some of my previous socks, it was way too tight across the top of my foot. I decided to do something about it and ripped back to half way up the foot.
Sunday, Jul 29, 7:42 pm
I started the gusset a lot sooner. This gives more ease and results in a bigger gusset, which worked for a better fit.
Monday, Jul 30, 6:51 am
I've turned the heel (again). (My sock now has had three toes and two heels. ;) It fits much better.
Although I followed the general idea of the heel in the pattern, I still ended up making up my own as I went.
Tuesday, Jul 31, 7:02 am
Further progress up the leg. Soon I'll have to decide how to increase the circumference as I move up the leg.

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