Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ravellenic Games...Will She Medal? [Commercial Break where we see her appearance on tomorrow's Today show wearing the medal]

Oh sorry, was that a spoiler?

Yes, despite joining up with Team Apathy whose motto is "We don’t care if we finish or not," I finished my Ravellenic Games project. Just shows what you can do if you lower your expectations. No Norwegian sweater this time. One pair of socks. And I still feel like I barely made it.

But I did!
I finished up the cast off while watching volleyball Saturday morning.

Speaking of, here's a close up:
Still loving the "invisible" cast off.

I followed the pattern on this sock more than most. (As opposed to just plugging the lace pattern into my usual formula.) I did have to change the lace because I adjusted the stitch count, and then I had to start the gusset way sooner. I did follow the pattern's method for a traditional flap heel (done toe-up in this case).
It worked very well, and I think it will be my new go-to heel.

Another thing I did yesterday was make some sock blockers out of wire coat hangers.
Now I can block my socks, and more conveniently, I can take pictures without wearing them. The shape looks a little odd and they're not tall enough for the long socks I like to make, but I think they'll work.

Project Stats
: 27 Jul '12
Finished: 11 Aug '12
Pattern: Jane Fairfax by Mary the Hobbit ($1.28)
Materials: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 (Romi's Garden) 1 skein ($32)
As a general note, these socks were knit from the yarn that I bought in Sarnia (Ontario) on a trip home. It was dyed by a local woman. It was a little pricier than I usually go but I decided to get it anyway. When I started knitting with it, I could tell it felt different than the usual sock wool. That's when I looked at the label and realized they were part cashmere. Ohhhh, well that changes things. It was wonderful to work with, and I have to say it made any other project I picked up feel like baler twine!!

By finishing the socks, I crossed the finish line in the three events I could enter with them: Sock Put, One Skein Sprint and Lace Long jump.

Here are my badges to prove it:

I was called to the Ravelry "podium" with the following declaration:
Now will Ravthletes and spectators alike bow your heads for the stately yet thrilling Ravellenic Games anthem... dum de dum dum … dummmmmm .. DA DUMMM!and the crowd roars with excitement at yet another successful bid for Ravellenic Glory is achieved!
And, as the title of this post implied, you can look for me tomorrow on Today. (Ok, just kidding.)

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