Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time for the Fair!

The Cass County (MI) Fair that is. I'll be helping out again this year as we turn in things for the Home Arts classes on Saturday (July 28). The public is welcome from Sunday, July 29, (free admission day, but there are no rides) to Saturday, August 4. Come join the fun!

And what will I be turning in this year for adjudication and display? Not as much as some previous years. (I'm blaming my pesky job!) But in the "crafty" departments, we have:

Adult knitted pullover: my pink tshirt.
Knitted "miscellaneous": my zig zag skirt.
Knitted hat, scarf, and/or mitten set.
Knitted pillow. (I didn't know they had this category until I read through the premium book carefully.)
Quilted wall hanging (less than 45"). This one is more like 12", so very small. I hope they don't think it belongs in the miniature quilt category because it's really not.
Raffle quilt block on "Down on the Farm" theme.

And in photography we have,
an entry in still life
an entry in "head or figure"
an entry in landscapes
and my first entry in seascapes.

Cross your fingers for me!!

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