Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phone Sock

I finally decided it was time for a new phone. Troy's been bugging me for years. Just because all the outside coverings were wearing, ripping, and falling off was no reason for a new phone, was my thought.

And just because it was a hand-me-down in the first place, and more than six years old--that's no reason to replace it, right?

Of course, the lack of reception where we live was a bit of a problem. I get zero reception at work. (Not that I use the phone at work, but it would be nice on breaks or after hours to at least be able to receive calls).

I was resistant in part because it was work to figure out what phone I wanted and to actually go get one. In part, because Troy has gone through a few phones in the same time and I was determined to keep mine for as long as possible. (Although there comes a time to admit it may "work" but isn't actually very useful.) Plus, the phone I was using was $5 a month. That's hard to beat.

But I finally caved, bought one online (to minimize the effort) and it is under $9 a month, assuming my usage doesn't shoot up now that I have some limited web access, etc. I am really enjoying the full keyboard. (Don't mock me, those of you who can send text messages by voice--I never said I was on the cutting edge!)

To celebrate the new phone, I decided to make it a "sock." Although I do not define myself by what phone I have, I have picked up that lots of people make protective socks for their phones in many creative ways. I kept it simple (and relatively fast) by picking out a couple of pieces of felted sweater that I had prepared for a blanket I'll do "someday."
I also finally had a reason to pull out all the embroidery flosses that I inherited from my sister. (Getting the box organizers was just as good as getting the floss!)
I sewed the two pieces together on the machine with a straight stitch. I left the edges raw since the felt won't ravel. (Plus it's too thick to worry about folding the edges back.) I also found a lime green floss to match.
 I sewed across the bottom and then used a button stitch to sew the seam on the centre back.
 Slip in the phone,
 and you're done.
Now if only I can figure out how to get the ringtone that I downloaded working...

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