Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ravellenics...or whatever

The Olympics have started again. And so they are celebrated by knitters everywhere with their own competitive events. Events like afghan marathon, balance beads, cable steeplechase, charity rowing, colourwork cross-country, cowl jump, double-knit boxing, felted freestyle, frogging trampoline, handspun heptathlon, holiday hurdles, lace longjump, 
scarf hockey, shawl sailing, single skein sprint, sock put, synchronized stash busting, weaving vault, WIPs wrestling, and more.

I have participated in a couple of the winter games (the knitting ones, I mean, not the actual athletic ones, obviously), but really didn't think I was going to get into it over the summer games. Even though I knit year round, I still kind of feel that knitting just belongs with winter. And I have a lot going on right now.

But I took just a little peek at the Ravelry group for the games and the first team I saw was Team Apathy. And I thought...that's me! That's where I belong. So I joined. I know, right? If you were actually apathetic you'd never join the team. But whatever, nobody cares enough to argue the point. The best part was, they didn't even care if I cast on. So I could join, "participate," and not actually have to do a bloody thing! Brilliant! (Oops, sorry. There are a few too many !s there for someone on Team Apathy. Won't let it happen again.)

And once I had joined and realized I had not one, but two, gatherings to attend to celebrate the opening ceremonies (both of which I'd be knitting at anyway), I started to wonder....what events do they have this year? What yarn do I have to use? What project do I need to start anyway for that trip next week?

And so I started another pair of socks.
Third time's the charm! That's how many times I had
to reknit this toe tonight. But I think I'm off and
running now...
(I'm almost done the one pair I have going, after all.) I figure it should qualify in two events: sock put and single skein sprint. And one of my sisters wanted to learn to double knit while we're at the cottage next week. So if that actually happens, I could enter the double-knit boxing.

Or not...doesn't matter. Whatevs...
Progress by the end of the night.

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