Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scarf of Options

I finished the Honey Cowl in good time. (It involved putting aside some holiday knitting and my grey tunic, but I am hoping to be able to make up time on those.)

The weight and texture of the cowl are very nice. It has enough stretch for something which needs to be pulled over your head. The width (about 7 inches on mine) gives you plenty of coverage around your neck without too much bulk.

I find the cowl very versatile.

The simplest way is to just hang it around your neck:
Project Stats
: 19 Nov '10 Finished: 23 Nov '10
Pattern: Honey Cowl by Ann Maria for Madelinetosh
Materials: Madelinetosh Pashmina (1 skein)
Good for days when the wind's not too bitter. It could be worn outside the coat (as seen here) or easily tucked inside.

You could cover the back of your head and then pull an extra loop around your neck:
Handy if the temperature drops suddenly or you have to spend a longer time outside than expected.

But I have to say my favourite way is just a double loop around the neck:
It's still not so tight as to choke you, but gives a nice bulk and heft around the neck. Probably wouldn't work inside a coat, but worn on top of a collar it works nicely.

Any way you wear it, the right and wrong side of the fabric will show. Fortunately, the "back" looks just fine. (In the picture above, the bottom-most fold shows the right side, but the next one up reveals the wrong side. Looks fine to me.)

And let me say again, this colour is just gorgeous: "Baltic Blue." I'll drown in that any day.


  1. Love this! I've recently purchased my first skein of pashmina and this may be the project! Just lovely!


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