Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Fun with Fabric

It's getting to be that time. That time when those of us who craft realize that we really have to get going on holiday projects. (Now normally, I don't like to even talk about Christmas until advent begins, but when you have to make stuff, preparations must be made!)

This weekend my determination was strong enough that I got out my sewing machine, some fabrics and lots of thread and worked on my annual postcard quilt. I turn a picture of the postcard into my Christmas card. (My last two can be seen at this post.)

As usual, my head was swimming with ideas, but I settled on a thread painting technique. I pulled out two scraps of  black velvets to try. I pulled out a lot of threads
and off I went.

I'm not going to show you the one I settled on. (Sorry, you'll have to wait until they're sent out.) but I could be persuaded to show a sneak peak:

While I had everything out I experimented with a second card. I wasn't quite as happy with it, but still not too bad.

After doing some free motion waves with snowflakes, I couched some of my leftover mohair

and then added some sparkle.
(Why not?)

I think it's good enough to send out to just who will it be??

I just love doing free motion. I think every time I do it, I love it more. I still do better when I have a shape or line to follow, but it's fun either way.

I finished both cards with a satin stitch and then couched more mohair around the edge. It makes a nice subtle frame.

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