Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ravelympics Wrap Up

I owe you a post about my Whistler sweater which I did not finish. (Accepting all sad faces and sympathetic noises now.)

By Sunday I would have been very happy to have finished the body of the sweater. I knit steadily, even through the gold medal hockey game. When I hit the section of solid red, I just flew.

But I had no less than four phone calls with family on Sunday--we had to celebrate the gold, you see! And that was just fine with me. My left hand was threatening to just walk out on the whole deal.

At some point in the afternoon I decided I was going to go til midnight and just do what I could do.

I ended just seven rows short of finishing the body. But the good new is: I'm just seven rows short of finishing the body!! And my sleeves are almost half done. So this is good.

I later read on the Ravelry "rules" that they were cutting people off at midnight Pacific time. That would have given me three more hours. I definitely would have finished the seven rows then, but it wouldn't have been a good start to the week.

So I will content myself with a very good start on my Whistler sweater even if I don't get the Ravelympics medal. I will have to put it aside for a little bit to catch up on the rest of my life (and a pair of Bella mittens that I owe to someone). I am now thinking that I will finish it on time to wear it this spring as a replacement for a jacket. (It's really designed for that anyway--it's a little warm to wear as a regular sweater.)

PS: I really wanted to get a picture of what I have done so far: me in the sweater with my arms pinned to my side because there are no armholes yet. Hands and forearms in the sleeves, locked together by the cable needles because I'm knitting them two-at-a-time. But that "rest of my life" bit left me no time for it--sorry!

PPS: The Yarn Harlot did finish her Whistler, and you can see a pic here with her thoughts on the Knitting Olympics. (You can also see the medal I missed out on.) Remind me why I shouldn't hate her just a little bit for finishing...

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  1. No one's a loser!! Look how much you DID get accomplished. That's a wonderful sweater, btw. Makes me want one (even with a Maple Leaf on it ;)


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