Monday, March 8, 2010

More Whistler

And so it has come to this: knitting straight's just the body of my Whistler before the armholes have been cut into it.

It had been a whole week without working on Whistler. I had been making the Bella Mittens I owed to someone, and finished them just in time to get them blocked and delivered on Sunday morning. The second pair turn out just like the first. (Really lovely...still a good pattern and I love that wool.)

Although I missed my Whistler, it was probably a good mental break. But Sunday evening I had a chance to sit down with it again and knit up the last seven rows of the body. It's a good thing I didn't push myself and do them at midnight the closing day of the Olympics because they included all the back shoulder and neckline shaping. It would have been too much to handle that late.
It's kind of hard to tell if a sweater fits if your arms are still stuck in it, but from what Troy and I could tell, it looks about about right.

The only shot we got of the back was blurry (apologies), but you can get an idea of what it'll be like.
Today at lunch I got the sleeves done up to the colourwork. I stopped to take stock and see if I had done enough increases yet and then measured the length while I was at it. Surprise, surprise, they were already long enough!

Now I will stop working on them two-at-a-time and start the colourwork on the first one tomorrow at lunch (with any luck). This will also give me a chance to try to put together some pictures and explanation of how I've been doing intarsia in the round. (Which you can't really do, but I found a way.) I had someone on Ravelry who's working on his own Whistler ask me to explain how I did it, and words completely failed. Maybe some pictures will help.

PS: Also on the weekend, I wound my purple mohair for this project I wrote about back in August. I am so excited about starting a swatch for it. Spring is coming, and I need to greet it wearing a purple mohair Tshirt with ruffles!


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