Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Purl Afghan: October Block

I enjoyed another afternoon spent knitting at Red Purl yesterday. It was a more subdued group than normal until we started talking about crazy exes and how many of us own guns. Then things got lively!

But I will stick to reporting about knitting here. Amy designed a diamond tuck stitch pattern for this month's block. Every so often in the pattern, you knit through a stitch several rows back, thereby creating a "tuck" that pulls three rows together. It's quite a bit like smocking but done vertically instead of horizontally. (Well, did that help? Does anyone know what smocking is any more?)

After my time at the Purl, I went home and knit most of the evening away too. I even managed to finish my block before the Colts had time to finish their [night] game.

Someone at the Purl mentioned that she really liked the back of this block, maybe as much as the front. I wasn't sure at first, but the further I got along, the more I thought I just may agree with her. Here's the back:
I can't quite decide.

But I really need to decide so that I can knit on the border. So here is your mission: you must give me your opinion and help me to make a decision.

Here's a close up of the "real" front side:
And here's a close up of the back-which-could-be-front side:
What do you think? Click your choice on the poll below and let me know:

Really. Take your mouse/touchpad, move the cursor over your choice and click! Point to "Vote" and click!

Thank you!

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