Saturday, October 31, 2009

AQS Des Moines Show: Final Day

A nice surprise for me after I came around a corner in the skyway this morning.

I got myself out of bed and packed in time to get to my 9:00 class. Actually I was so early I had time to do some knitting just outside the Iowa Hall of Pride. (Class was in the IHP theatre.)Like the night before, I got a lot of peaceful knitting in while a whole slew of other people lined up to get into the hall. Well, I was peaceful until I came to this:A knot in my ball of wool. Not only a knot--which I can deal with--but a complete break in the colour pattern. The blues are supposed to fade gradually from dark to medium to light and back again. Not slam-on-the-breaks-now-blue-is-white. I was....well, outraged might be a bit strong, but it's on the right track. But I decided that I should just be grateful I was just making a pair of socks and not a carefully planned sweater or gift or something where it really really mattered. (Although it does matter to me, a small voice in my head replied.) I told myself to get over it it.

And mostly, I did. After I dealt with the knot, we were let into class. (Everyone in line got a seat, and I did too.) The lecture was given by Marti Michell. The name didn't mean anything to me, but I learned that she is a mover and shaker in the quilting world and has been for a long time. The topic of the lecture was "Low Carb Quilting" based on her book Machine Quilting in Sections. She explained that the "Low Carb" was because by quilting in sections, you reduce bulk. (Groan...) She had a lot of quilt samples held up by a couple volunteers Marti Michell Lectureand explained several ways you can quilt a full-size quilt in sections. I had seen other methods which I definitely didn't like. Her methods give a good result and look agreeably doable too.

Her handout did not describe the methods, however. That's when I realized it was a lecture, not a class and that meant for the full details I would have to buy the book!! But I got enough notes that I think I can get started on my own. I may even be able to apply one method to my Hawaiian Star even though it's already all assembled.

I'm so happy I stayed the extra day and caught this class. Class did run a little late so I cut out so I could catch my flight. No problems there. (I love flying out of small airports!) I had enough time for more knitting at the airport.I finished the second sock at the Chicago airport while waiting for my second flight. Got called to board just as I was finishing my sewn bind off. So I worked in all the ends at the beginning of the flight and called them done!As I laid them on my lap to take pictures, the woman next to me asked if they were my first socks. No, I said, (a little embarrassed) I just take pictures of everything...


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