Thursday, October 29, 2009

AQS Des Moines Show: Day 2

Iowa Capitol Building by NightDay 2 started with another 8:30 class. We left even earlier, not because we were counting on getting around another accident but because they were forecasting torrential rains.

The rains didn't show up (and in fact pretty much all day we were inside when it rained and the rain held off when we were walking outside--good for us!) and we got to class with 30 minutes to spare.

The class was called, "Show Off!!" (yes including two exclamation points), by Renae Haddadin. She not only discussed, but also showed us all kinds of way to fill in the background of a quilt in order to highlight the areas you don't fill in. It's kind of ironic that the "background" areas can take the majority of quilting time. The more you quilt something, the more it is pushed to the back so the areas that you want to recede and not have people pay attention get the densest quilting. In general, anyway.

Back to the topic at hand, Renae had the class set up so that she could quilt on the longarm as she was talking and someone else (her husband, we presume) used a video camera to capture image that was projected onto the large screen at the front of the room.
Here, Renae is just starting to fill in one area of the motif. (Please keep in mind that I captured Renae in the worst possible lighting; she is a very good looking woman.)

It was an interesting talk which gave me lots to think about but probably not a lot that I will put to use right away. It was more applicable to longarm quilters and I "just" have a domestic machine (as they're called).

Renae had some incredible quilts hanging. I took pics but don't feel like I have the right to post them. However, I have found some links which will show you what I saw.

My absolute favourite is "Sugar and Spice." Best whole cloth quilt ever, IMHO.
There was "Beauty from Within" which included some subtle fabric painting to highlight the quilting even further. (Click on "Beauty from Within" from the AQS website.)
"Ring around the Rosie" was another whole cloth with embroidery.

Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea. There was time in the class to try out some of the ideas on the longarm machines too. (It was sponsored by HandiQuilter, after all.)

After class, we went into the exhibit hall again and saw some more quilts. (I'll repeat that AQS forbids me from posting pictures; very sorry.) Then we ran for the shuttle to take us to the Quilt Walk at Valley Junction. About 10 shops, galleries and eateries had set up special quilt displays and were offering discounts and specials to AQS attendees.

Clures and I walked all around town and stopped at every place that caught our eye. Some purchases of mine:

First, some beads (for knitting with) and some silver supplies:
Then I found some beautiful blue fabric with little boomarang shapes in different tans and browns. I'm thinking it may be a good border for the brown/tan quilt I started buying for in July. I also found some more browns and tans:
I found some gorgeous reds. I'm collecting them just because. The second from the left is especially nice (and unusual):
A book. Quilting Inside the Lines by Pam Clarke. Helen Squire recommended her technique when she was talking about my quilt yesterday:
And two little fat quarters for two quilters I wanted to give a souvenir:
Are you one of the quilters??? You'll have to wait to see!

Now what about my socks? I did get some knitting in today. Finished the toe:
and started the leg.
I even thought I might get this sock done today. (I am running out of wool after all.) I was just going to knit the leg as far as I could get and bind off. Sounds simple, right?

Well, I got back to the hotel room, took another look...and do you see what I see?
Let me circle it for you:
My 2x2 rib has a 4 in it. Oh, big sigh. (The really sad part is that when I picked up stitches for the leg I added two stitches because I didn't think my total was divisible by four. Can this math major ever do arithmetic? Or count how many stitches I have? Like I said, :sigh:)

So I ripped it all out. Now I'm starting the leg all over with a real 2x2 rib. I should be knitting on it now....

So good night!

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