Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finishing Mariah: Part 2 of 2

It is time, at last, for the unveiling of my Mariah. (I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seat...)

I've worn it a couple times now and it is comfortable and warm. It really feels good. It came out a little larger than expected (the original pattern calls for it to fit snugly enough to fit under a jean jacket) but feels so good I'm glad it's not smaller and possibly too tight. And it does fit comfortably under my leather jacket, so I can still get the same look if I want.

Project details:
Started: Nov 2004
Finished: Apr 17, 2009
Pattern: Mariah by Jodi Green, free
Materials cost: black wool, free; green wool, $18.80; zipper, $5.66

A general summary of the construction:
. cable details in the ribbing
. knit from the bottom up with the yoke knit as one piece
. raglan style decreases
. constructed from wool rescued from a damaged Gap sweater

Modifications to the pattern:
. simplified cable pattern on sleeve because I knew I didn't have enough wool
. changed neckline shaping because it was coming out too wide
. completely reworked hood including adding the cable edge because I could not get the pattern instructions to work
. did not knit a 2 stitch garter border along front and hood edge. (My edges are neat enough that I do not need to fold over a facing, thank you very much. Yeah, you can come and check them out--they will stand up to your scrutiny!)
. added a second colour because I did not have enough black

I was not crazy about the way the hood fit at first but am coming to terms with it. I just have to learn to put it on right! I think the neckline was decreased a little too much and, as stated in the previous Mariah post, the hood was made a little too large. However, I am very pleased with how it looks hanging down the back:
and that's most likely how it will be the majority of the time. (And if I'm cold enough to pull the hood on, I am not going to be caring particularly about how I look!)

All in all, I am so happy I made this sweater, and am even happier I finally finished it. If you see me around this spring, chances are you will see me in my Mariah.

[ETA: Mariah won a blue ribbon at the 2009 County Fair (knitted cardigan or coat).]


  1. I absolutly love the sweater Christina. It's the perfect look. I love hoodies and I love knit sweaters. Great fit. If you come to the campout this summer you should definitly bring it... I would love to see it up close....

    Cuz Trish

  2. Thanks, Trish. Good to hear from you! -c


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