Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Block 33: Autumn Star

This block was a piece of work. A lot of little triangles and seams to match.
I'm a little leery of the dark blue points; I think they contrast too much. I was misled by the fact that the pattern used brown for those pieces. I don't remember specifically thinking that I could use dark dark blue to replace brown but that was probably my logic. I think it's just a little too dark for this quilt. But I'm not redoing it!

The seams needed a lot of different treatments.
A few junctions are joined, some seams are pressed open and some are pressed to one side. Whatever you think is the best tool for the job, right?

Here are all the blocks done so far:
And here is Kim's block:
I love the bright blue in the middle. And you can see that her darkest fabric is in the same place and her hourglass blocks in the corners are very low contrast too.

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