Saturday, August 6, 2016

County Fair Quilt Show

I've got some quilts I can show you from the fair. Enjoy the eye candy... (Clicking on any picture will give you a larger view.)

First is the completed raffle quilt from last year:
You may recall my block was put on a pillow so it is not on the quilt. The theme was "Up North."

The rest of the quilts are presented as if you were walking around the building.
The Underground Railroad quilt pattern.
I like the friendship stars formed in the sashing.
A real mixup of scraps and memorabilia. Not really
enough embellishment to be a crazy quilt, but certainly
in that tradition.
I love this blanket. I'm not sure how it was made!
Best guess is embroidered stitches on a
woven base.
This piano is not functional but it sure is neat!
I heard it was used for a local group for making
videos in the woods. Fun idea.
This is based on the twelve days of Christmas. Can you
identify all twelve blocks?
Whatever you think about cats (or people who love them),
this quilt is amazing. The little mice in the border are
adorable. Each one finished with a tiny appliqued eye
with a french knot for the reflection.
A fellow haunted house worker also volunteers
and she was so excited to call me over and show
me this entry in "yard art." It's great.
This is a block-a-month quilt. If you go through
the months, you can see the theme for most
of them. (Some are a bit too abstract for me
to figure out.)
When I was at the fair table on Monday night, a lady came up to me and asked what would make a quilt win a white ribbon. I wasn't sure what she was getting at (kind of assumed she was disappointed one of her entries didn't do better) but I went through various things judges look for and the fact that results always depend on what else is entered in the same category.

It turns out she loved this quilt:
and was feeling very bad for the creator who only got a white ribbon. I thought that was very sympathetic of her, but I think she was taking the results more seriously than the people who enter things in the fair. (Maybe.)
And of course, no fair would be complete without an American flag made from shotgun shells!

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