Sunday, May 29, 2011

Making Progress on Making Waves

I have made good progress on my Making Waves cardigan. I finished the body a week and a half ago. The instructions tell me to do the sleeves next. I debated starting the ruffled trim instead so that I could use the same ball of yarn and the trim would match the front.

But I decided that I would rather have my sleeves match the body and the trim contrast than the other way around. (The only reason they might contrast is that at some point I'm going to have to start using the second ball of yarn. They looked pretty close, but hand painted stuff is notorious for varying from skein to skein.)

In order to do the sleeves, I "had" to order some more Harmony dpns. The size I needed was one size too big to be included in the socks set that I got. I didn't mind waiting for them, however, because I started another project that has me obsessed. I'll write more on that later.

In the meantime, I will show you where I am with this piece. I pinned the front so it would mostly hang right (remember that the trim will make it a little wider in the front yet):
I have to still fold under the hem and sew it, but the length looks pretty good. (It'll block slightly longer if anything.)
I did waist shaping as instructed as I decreased, but I only did the hip increases on the back--something I learned from making the Sahara. I do not need increases in the front; it really doesn't hang right on me.
The armhole seems to fit well. You can see the raglan shaping here:
A lot of raglan styles really emphasize the line made by the increases, but this sweater really downplays them. That's good in my opinion. I don't think the raglan style is particularly flattering on my body.

My new needles arrived this week and soon I will get going on those sleeves.

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