Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sahara Dessert

Dessert because it is just so yummy.
I am exceedingly proud of my finished "Sahara" which I think you can tell by the angle of my crossed arms. I finished it Tuesday night, but waited all the way to today (Thursday) to wear it. No one at work noticed. When I finally mentioned it, they said, "You. Did. Not. Make. That." (In a good way.)

It is continually interesting to me that people can see me working on something week after week, but then when I have it assembled and finished, they can not at all see that it is that same thing. I guess that comes from not really knowing how these things go together. I can only assume. Because otherwise when they constantly harass1 me with questions about what I'm making, they really aren't listening to the response at all. And then, I ask, why bother asking? Ok, now I will turn off Rant Christina. (I really don't mind you asking about what I'm making, but please make sure if you do, you're actually interested.)

Enough with that.

Here is the back of Sahara:
The fit turned out great. I could have knit it maybe an inch longer, and I think the "shirt tail" hem could have been a little longer. (Yes, that is sort of the same thing.)
And were I ever to do this again, I would eliminate the hip increases across the front because although my hips are large enough, they are not in front of my belly. My front is rather flat (ok, from the waist down anyway) and those increases do not help the shape at all. Otherwise the shaping looks very natural and works for me. Now I'll know for other shirts I may knit with similar shaping.
Project Stats
Started: 7 Jan 09
Finished: 3 Mar 09
Pattern cost: $3 (1/2 price!)
Materials cost:
Mano Silk 4@11.50=$46
Tilli Tomas Diva: 1@39=$39

The fabric wears very well. The main body is knit with a silk wool blend and is warm and soft without being stifling. The trim is 100% silk with sequins. I had someone warn me that she could not stand the sequins in the neckline and ended up having to line it (I believe), but they did not bother me at all. (Yay!)

I was hoping to avoid blocking, but will have to face the fact that blocking would improve the shirt. The "collar" bunches up and the area to the right and left of the neckline pulls in when it should lie flat. It would probably also help keep the trim at the bottom of the sleeves from flipping up like it wants to do. And if I really wanted, I could probably block the extra inch in length too.

Wish me luck!

[ETA: The Sahara won a blue ribbon in the 2009 County Fair (knitted blouse).]

1 I only use the word harass in this context because at work I only knit on my lunch break. And then I tend to need a little "alone time."

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