Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Joy of Socks

Let me waste no time in showing off my socks now that they are done:
They feel warm and wonderful on my wiggling-with-joy toes.

After finishing the first sock last week, the second one practically flew off the needles. I think I can declare myself free of Second Sock Syndrome. It helped that I had a particularly long appointment at the CPA where I could knit while she put in all the numbers. Project Stats
Started: 2/22/09
Finished: 3/19/09
Pattern cost: free tutorial
Materials cost: half of $1 Goodwill vest (1/2 price!)
I was a little distracted, however, and the twist on the ribbing of the second sock got a little wonked. I started doing it every three rows instead of four so it twists a little more often and spirals a little farther around the sock. I can live with that. I did remember to twist the other direction so they are mirror images (as all socks should be!), even if a little warped mirror images. (Dare I say Good Twin/Evil Twin?) Whether evil or not, I don't know yet, but they are obviously fraternal twins. No special reason I did that but that I wanted to. I like it.

Last night I was very close to finishing the sock and hubby was egging me on. But I resisted the compulsion (for once) and went to bed more or less on time instead. Then at lunch today I got all the knitting done and almost finished casting off (I was this close) but had to stop because my break was over. That would be the second instance of resisting the compulsion. But after work when I slipped into my sun-warmed car, I could resist no longer. (A girl can only be so good for so long.) I sat there in the parking lot to finish my cast off and work in the loose ends.

And then you know I wore those socks home.

They feel good. They stay up--no saggy cuffs. I can feel that they are dangerously thin in places because the recycled yarn was so thin, but I will cheerfully enjoy them now and think not about the future darning that will be necessary to save them.

I used all of the wool I salvaged from the vest front and only used a little of the wool from the back. I was originally worried I wouldn't have enough wool for one pair of it looks like I could get two! On the next pair, I'll go down to the smallest needle size I have, add a few more stitches and see how that helps with the density of the fabric. It should make it better. I will also do a little experimenting with heel types on toe-up socks. I'm still not crazy about the short row heel. But that is for later; for now I just enjoy the socks I have.

I have to say there is something very intimate about socks. Maybe part of it is just how everyday ordinary they are. Or that they fit a part of your body that you don't show around that much. Or it maybe the small size of the project and how when you're working on it, it's all right there very much in front of you, very close to you. The working on every tiny detail of the toe, heel, cuff, et al. Or that when you make them yourself they are completely personalized for you.

I doubt I will only wear socks that I've made from now on, but I will definitely be making more socks. I like elevating the ordinary to the sublime and hand knit woolen socks do that for me.

Transformation from vest to socks

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