Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Spectrum Starts

I have "signed up" to be a part of Project Spectrum started by Lolly over at her blog. I'm not sure I can explain it very well so you may want to read her post about it. But the basic idea is that she wants to focus on, or you might say pay attention to, a particular colour each month with a bunch of other people online. She has a Tumblr blog going, a Flickr group, a Facebook group and of course a Ravelry group where you can share your pictures relating to the Project.

And of course, you are welcome to join to because this is certainly not just a knitting, sewing or crafting enterprise. Lolly herself will be focusing on photography and cooking this time around. (This is the fifth round of a Project Spectrum collaboration.)

It's a very loosely organized thing. You are not committing to every month or a certain number of projects. It's just a way to live in a different mindset for a while.

So each month from May to November there will be a different focus colour. We are starting in May with...RED!! Wow, what a great start for me. I pulled together a collage of red pictures I already had to get me in the mood, and I will share whatever I've collected throughout May towards the end of the month.

For knitting, however, I can tell you that I've already started...there were the slippers I made for the AIDS Walk. (With their red ribbon campaign, a good cause for a RED month!) And then I've also started Mary Annarella's Making Waves Cardigan in a most gorgeous red in Fleece Artist's Saldanha Two. It's barely started right now, but I'll show more when I have more to show.

Meanwhile I'll be keeping my eyes open for flashes of red, and why don't you try it too.

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