Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AIDS Walk Report

Sunday turned into the one shining specimen of a beautiful day in an otherwise crappy week. It was a great day for a Walk.

There was a good crowd and they were all in the mood to have fun. After registering and eating a lunch, I pulled out my knitting and continued working on my second slipper.

The knitting drew some attention, but the best interaction was with a fellow Raveler. Instead of opening with, "Hey my grandmother used to crochet!" she opened with, "Hey, are you on Ravelry?" For both of us, it was the first chance meet up with another Raveler. (And when we got home we immediately friended each other.)

I continued the slipper as we began the Walk and very near the end, I finished it:

And who won the slippers?? A random number generator selected Mic and Martha who have been generous long time supporters of my walk. I hope they will enjoy them!

Until next year, then!

Project Details:
Pattern: Slippers Triangle Sock (vintage, free)
Materials: Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Red (0319) (86 g)
Start Date: Apr 19 '11
Finish Date: May 1 '11

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