Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well into Glovember

Anyone see Edward Scissorshands?
I finally got started on my gloves for "Glovember" on Sunday. (A whole week late!) Ok, ok, I know "Glovember" is not nearly as good as "Socktober" (not nearly as popular either, strangely enough) but I'm sticking with it.

I know I suggested three glove patterns in this post that I was considering, but it turns out they didn't work out for the wool I wanted to use. Two of them, for one thing, were written for fingering weight instead of DK. How did I not notice this? (Personally, I think the way they were entered in Ravelry is to blame.)

If so inspired, I'm sure I could convert them to DK weight, but the one I liked best was 4 Euros, a little much for a pattern that might not work.

So I did an extensive search through Ravelry's database and found the Green Thumb pattern by Diana Foss. I thought it was perfect for the green wool I had in mind. In the picture below you can see it has a leaf pattern which replaces a thumb gusset. Clever, isn't it!
I can't imagine why some think gloves are fiddly!
The pattern is written for fingerless gloves (or "wristers") but that's what I definitely did not want. So I am converting the pattern to full-fingered gloves.

They have been flying off the needles and I'm having a lot of fun working on them.
Parlour tricks with needles.
I made a whole slew of gloves my first year of college and gave them to everyone in my dorm. (I should explain that I lived in a dorm that was more like a townhouse; so we're talking 7 pair of gloves here, not 30.) I forgot how much I liked making them.
I considered making a right and left glove, but decided the pattern had enough flexibility to it that I could just make two identical "ambidextrous" gloves and not have to worry about keeping them straight. So far that seems to be working out fine.

I've been hitting these gloves pretty hard this week, and although my tunic has suffered somewhat, it is still moving along at a pretty good pace. The back is approximately 7 inches and I'm well into the plain stocking stitch. All the "comfort knitting" I could ever want!

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  1. I'm impressed ! ! !
    Love your photos with comments.
    Such a beautiful green.



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