Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gathering of Quilters

It looks like a fun event they're cooking up this weekend in Goshen (IN). Thanks to work and other obligations, I can't make it, but I'll definitely be marking it on the calendar for next year.

The 20th annual Gathering of Quilters is meeting at the Elkhart Country Fairgrounds on Saturday (the 20th). Besides a collection of vendors, a large quilt exhibit, door prizes and the like, they are also having:

1. An Ugly Fabric Swap. You bring in a piece of veritably ugly fabric in a brown sack. You trade with some other sap. You go home, make something lover-ly with it, and then bring it back next year to compete with everyone else's Finished Objects. Winner chosen by viewer choice. I think this would be a hoot.

2. A general Show and Tell of any article you want to bring in for others to oooh and aaah over.

3. A Heart Themed Block Lotto. For every heart themed block you bring in, you get a chance to win a set of blocks.

4. Guest speaker, Brenda Papadakis, an expert in applique and Civil War era quilts and designs and the author of the 1996 Dear Jane book. If you haven't looked into it, the Dear Jane quilt is a fun project to explore. (Online, I mean. If you were to actually try to make it, I think it would take over your life!)

I get the impression it's generally a big group that gets together. If you'd like to attend, you can still get tickets at the door for $15.

Have a little fun for me!

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