Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dum Dum di Dum...

That's the opening strains of the Canadian national anthem, in case you didn't recognize it. (I know it looks a lot like the wedding march written like that.) But anyway, look at what my wonderful little sister sent me--my own Ravelympics gold medal to wear on my imaginary podium!

I didn't finish my sweater by the end of the Olympics so I didn't get the gold medal [web] badge that Ravelry offered or the Knitting Olympics [web] medal from the Yarn Harlot's site.

Thankfully, she grades on effort not results! And given the choice, I'd take a chocolate medal any day! (Not that I dare eat it.)

I haven't strung it up on a ribbon and worn it yet, but don't I look proud enough to do it?

Thanks, Patricia! You're a sweetie.

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