Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've Found a Pattern (Maybe)

I do believe I've found a pattern for my gorgeous orange/purple/green wool from Estonia. (This has been weighing quite heavy on my mind!)

Spending hours (ok, really minutes...spread out over hours) poring over patterns in Ravelry led to this beauty,
the Pencil Sketch Camisole, from Iris G Knits. (She designed this after only about a year of knitting--amazing!)

Besides being lovely, it looks like it would only use about half of my yardage so I could have enough left over to make something else. Maybe some matching armwarmers...mmmm...tempting. But then I would have the difficulty of getting them to match. Perhaps some seaming would be in order.

Anyway, for now, I can think about the dreamy possibilities of knitting the lovely Pencil Sketch Camisole. Nothing else will do or even comes close. Even though I can't wait to cast on, something is holding me back...

When I got home and tried to download the pattern, it seems to no longer be available at the hosting site and comments on the pattern in Ravelry indicate that the designer had not updated her blog in months and months. Oh this was very discouraging!

But further research led to evidence that the designer was back on her blog and someone had already left a comment about the failed download link. I had also pursued getting the pattern from someone on Ravelry so I hold some hope that I can still obtain it.

But it is not yet a sure thing. And that would be a shame.

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