Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fridays at the Purl

Last night I went to my first Fridays at the Purl. I had to drop off my design for the KAL Afghan and a square I had made for an afghan that's going to be auctioned off as part of a fund-raiser.

First the design: Amy stamped her approval, but gave a warning that some knitters were going to "wig out" because I had used ssk's and YO's. I think they like to wig out before they sit down to learn something, because they can all do it once they get their wig back on (so to speak). But I also had to adjust the beginning and ending of the square (not realizing that they are knit one after the other without casting off between), so I further simplified the pattern and added the requisite stitch definitions. We will be doing the square next Sunday (the 8th), so it will be fun to see what the reaction is...I'll let you know...

As to the other afghan square: Local organizers are are having a silent auction in connection with the production, Michiana Monologues, to raise money for local shelters and organizations which help abused and at-risk women. So they asked the knitters connected with Red Purl to knit a square out of their spare sock yarn. It was one of the on-going projects that you could work on during Fridays at the Purl last year. I got in a little late in the game, but they still needed squares, so I made one. I was prepared to spend my Friday night sewing squares together, but it turned out that the organizer had already picked up the other squares. So I'm out of the loop on the rest of that one. I hope the blanket raises a bunch of money; I'll let you know if I find out.

And since I had no squares to sew together, I sat down to do some knitting of my own. Oh wait, actually first I shopped and shopped the bulky yarns because I'm considering whether I can commit to making this:
The more I look at it, the more I love it. Imagine it a little longer in the waist, and maybe this colour.  Or you could look at other colours in this yarn here. Amy would have to order it in for me so I could get enough of one dye lot. Every one there was very enthusiastic and ready to spend my money. (We had a lot of fun.) I'm just not sure I could get it done, find something suitable to wear it with (like a black body suit or something!), and find occasions to wear it. I mean that is not something I put on to go to work and then cram under a lab coat. Just doesn't work.

But imagine wearing it in the spring when you no longer need a heavy coat, but you need something...oh it would be so dreamy...

Keep dreaming,

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