Sunday, February 1, 2009

One More Tote

I got my red bag done tonight. I just love it. As I've said before, the red looks so rich and deep. Very surprising effect coming from plastic bags, but it works.

My niece came through with the few more bags I needed to finish it up. I ran out on the very last row! So I was frustratingly stopped just as I thought I was finished. I got them in the mail last week I'm embarrassed to admit, but finally tonight took the time to finish the bag while watching a football game I'm not very interested in. (Some also call it the Superbowl.)

I considered a fancy scalloped trim on the top, but in the end decided nice and simple would do the trick. It's a little smaller than the other large totes I've done, and even smaller since the handles are "inside" the bag instead of sewn on the top, but it's nice to have a variety of sizes, right? This one is 12" x 4" and 13" tall.

All for now. I think I will cast on for a hat exchange going on at the Purl Friday the 13th. Everyone brings a hat, and Amy says "lady luck" will determine which hat you go home with. I'll give pictures after the exchange because I wouldn't want to give away any secrets before their time!

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