Sunday, January 11, 2009

Afghan KAL 2009

I've joined a knitting class (club). Yes it's true. Amy has set up a KAL where you get together once a month on a Sunday afternoon, get a new pattern to try out on a square which after 12 months will turn into an afghan.

I spent way too much time choosing yarn on Saturday for my afghan. I wanted to use Lorna's Laces Fisherman Worsted because it was sooo soft and not Malabrigo again! But most of the Lorna's had been sold out and there were only a few variegated colours left. (Apparently everyone else does not wait until the day before to buy their materials!) The colours were gorgeous in themselves but not what I wanted. Variegated colours do not showcase stitches or patterns, and if I'm going to do an afghan where the whole point is to have different stitches in every block, why would I use a yarn where I can't see the stitch??

And so I was seduced by the colours of Malabrigo. I started with a luscious orange that is neither too bright nor too drab. I keep calling it Burnt Carrot, but it's actually Glazed Carrot. (Almost as good.) I'll buy the other colours as I go, although there is a beautiful sky blue I already have my eye on in the shop. I'll have to move fast if I see the supply dwindling...
The pattern is a Reverse Stockinette Chevrons that Amy wrote up. I got about half way done the square while sitting at the shop and got almost done at home while watching the NFL playoffs.

There was a huge crowd at the shop, easily 20 people. Many more than I expected, I must confess. It was a big mix up of people that knew each other well, not at all, and a little bit but just through Red Purl. I stayed the whole time and enjoyed it, but it was fun when the crowd thinned out for the last hour and we had fun with just a few of us. And then I managed to snag a seat on the couch by the faux woodstove heater too.

Almost all were working on the afghan and those that weren't were waiting to get yarn and would join in later. It will be fun to see how the same pattern will be interpreted by so many people and how it will turn out in all the different yarn choices. Many are not doing Malabrigo this year, but only because they did one (or two!) last year. And it will also be interesting to see how many stick it out for the full year and get it done! (There was someone there who admitted that she hasn't gotten past July last year, but is starting another one this year anyway!)

The best part?? This year Amy is opening up the design work. If she picks your design then you get a free skein for the project the next month. Oh yes! I am in! I'm thinking of something with dropped stitches: they're so fun and feel so naughty!!

Off to design a winner...

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  1. The burnt orange glazed carrot square looks fabulous.

    Can't wait to see the finished drop stitch square.



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