Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2020 Planning Party

2020 Planning Party I just read about the Planning Party link-up that Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl is having and there are some great prizes, so I am jumping in. (You know I am all about trying for the prizes.)

Here are some goals for 2020:

1. Quilt this thing finally. (It's from late 2016.)
I have backing, batting, and binding. All three b's. Oh ya, and thread. Now I just need a d: quilting design.

I just re-read the post where I showed this top finished for the first time. I talked about taking it to a local shop where I can rent time on a long-arm machine to quilt it, because "It would be so exciting to get it quilted in an afternoon!!! :)" That makes me laugh now. Remember when I quilted my nine-patch on a long-arm at the shop and it took 10 hours? And that was a single all-over pattern. L.O.L.

2. Make a wall hanging from this block:
to coordinate with this wall hanging I finished in 2010:
I know I have some of the binding fabric left and I think I might have some of the thin inner border, and we'll see for the rest.

3. I would love to get all of my Lucy Boston blocks sashed and start on the connecting squares.
I have about half of them done now. I still need to get a little more fabric of one of the greys. I really should have done that while they might have had the same bolt at the store so the colour wouldn't vary. I think that ship has sailed.

4. Finish the Joy to the World bottom:
It's going to be the back of my Merrily Christmas quilt top,
hence "bottom" instead of quilt top. I do have the batting I'm going to use for this quilt, but I doubt I will get that far in the next year.

5. Make a start on a quilt top with my "antique red" fabrics. I have a collection of fabric for this quilt and am getting the urge to do something with it. Maybe a Boston Commons. I think I need a few more fabrics in the contrasting colour, but picking a specific pattern would help in knowing what I need!

6. Make a memory blanket for a friend
I'm using her mother's cashmere sweaters to make a blanket for her. The sweaters are washed and I know how I'm going to do it, so it's a matter of figuring out the largest square I can cut and getting started. I don't want this to languish very long.

7. Work on calligraphy.
I have signed up for a free course on modern calligraphy from Becca of the Happily Ever Crafter. (It starts on January 6 and I think you can sign up up until that date, if you're interested.) Apparently it is mostly drills on basic parts of the letters, but that is how you get good and I am certainly not going to do it on my own! Hopefully the incentive of doing it with others will help.

8. Skate more.
This is in response to the thought that I should move more and asking myself what kind of moving I enjoy. There's not a lot but skating is one of them. The park I used to skate at was completely revamped and is apparently awesome. There is not only an outdoor rink, but a loop, like taking a walk on a path. For $35 I can get a season pass. They're open 7 days a week (afternoons and evenings which is just my time of day) so I'm hoping I can get myself down there a lot.

9. Take a trip with Troy.
We're married 20 years in 2020, so I think a little trip is in order. We'll probably stay stateside this time, maybe go down to the Florida keys. I have never been.

10. Pray more.
This has become a big thing with me lately. I am learning a lot and hope to put it into practice a lot more.

Goals. I don't often set them out but maybe that is something I should do more of too. :)

ETA: I won a prize of some batting! I had no idea what I was getting, but when it arrived, it was just what I always like to use: queen sized wool batt. Woo hoo!


  1. It looks like you have beautiful projects to work on next year. I wish you a lot of quilty joy in 2020!

  2. Hooray!!! I can NOT wait to see Nocturne quilted (and bound!!!)


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