Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Boxy T Finished

I had a couple chances of getting some better shots of my Boxy T on a nice (warm) day but I'm afraid I'm out of chances now until spring. So instead, I'll show the pictures I got on my phone and wrap this project up.
What is there to say? I love it.

It wears like a fluffy cloud of heaven. The cashmeres, wools, and silks feel warm on my skin while the loose shape and lack of sleeves keeps it perfect for warmer weather.
My favourite way of styling it was with white jeans and my Missoni zig zag slip-ons.
As fall came on, it also worked with some tall leather boots.

I was planning to crochet along the seams on the reverse side so that the garment could be reversible, but once I was wearing it, I didn't see the point. I like the "purl" side facing out as it is and there wasn't really anything to gain by being able to wear it the other way. And all the detail of the twisted trim wouldn't be visible.

So I'm calling this done. It was a pleasure to knit--a fun experimental play with colour--and is a pleasure to wear. What more could I ask?

Project Stats
: 6 Jun '19
Finished: 5 Sep '19
Pattern: #15 Boxy Tee by Laura Bryant (in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2019)
Materials: (to be added when I figure it all out)
Ravelry project page: Boxy Tee

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