Sunday, May 27, 2018

Update on Lucy Boston Blocks

I've finished a few more Lucy Boston blocks since I introduced the project. My obsession continues and there's nothing I like to do more than design and sew these blocks.

Since I was able to add to my fabric options in May when I visited a quilt store in Ontario
 with my sister and mother,
my options were newer, more numerous, and even more exciting.
Here are the newly sewn blocks, starting with pink flamingos:
A purple and yellow spiral block:
Grey Fade Llamas:
My favourite:
(Since these aren't actually my children, I can pick favourites.)

A blue on blue spiral:
A blue ring:
Love birds:
And here are all the blocks done to date:
And yes, they will all be in one quilt. It'll work. Trust me.

I have almost a dozen more designed and being sewn, so I am frightfully close to having half the blocks done. (How did it get so big so fast? It seems like only yesterday it was just a tiny pair of honeycomb pieces in my hand...)

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