Saturday, February 18, 2017

...and a Coaster

This is really a postscript to my last post. I forgot to include a cute little coaster that I made with a "slab" of red fabrics. This was my warm up project before I made the mug rugs.

I used a leftover piece of batting that was cut off of my orange and grey zig zag quilt. And for the backing, I used the fabric from that quilt which was still attached to the batting.

The size was limited by the size of the batting and backing that I had. It's a little smaller than I would have made it otherwise but I'm ok with that.

I added some straight line quilting. The lines are probably even close enough together to be considered match stick quilting.

I changed the direction of the lines one time to match an angle of a piece on the front.

The coaster has been put to use at work. I'm glad to finally replace the coaster I inherited from the last person--it had a picture of a man in a kilt doing a reverse Marilyn. And no, you didn't have to wonder if he was wearing anything under his kilt as his bare backside was showing! I have been using the coaster upside down for years, but I'm much happier using this new one. :)

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